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In 1968 TOOLEX, Inc. began operations on 1.5 acres with a 9,000 square foot facility. Since that time, TOOLEX has consistently grown to meet its customers’ demands. As of 2019 TOOLEX sits on 2.6 acres of land and has 4 buildings totaling 21,000 square feet.

Our main manufacturing facility is 14,000 square feet flooded with various CNC and Manual machines, office space, state-of-the-art quality control facility and an isolated/special ventilated carbide grinding facility. We have (2) levels of climate-controlled inventory that are packed full of critical components for the U.S Navy ships and Submarines as well as components for deephole drilling and commercial applications.

We have two smaller sub-facilities that house the manufacturing of drill tubes and drill bars and are equipped with conveyer systems. Finally, our materials storage building not only houses many off the shelf steel products but also includes material such as various grades of Monel, Brass, Bronze, Carbide and numerous other exotics.

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helps reduce your inventory and any incurred downtime by maintaining a thorough inventory
and by shipping parts the same day. We stock over 1,000 Drill Heads and over 50,000 Drilling Tools at
all times within all (3) categories of deep hole drilling. TOOLEX works with its customers in determining
annual consumptions based on market conditions to always have your Tooling in stock.

TOOLEX maintains (2) climate-controlled stockrooms in part to house the Byron Jackson (10171)
replacement pump parts for use onboard vessels of the U.S. Navy. As the sole licensee for Curtiss-Wright
EPD to manufacture these parts, TOOLEX maintains an inventory of replacement components for the
Byron Jackson pumps currently utilized by the Navy's Los Angeles Class Nuclear Submarines, as well as
many of the active Nimitz Fleet Aircraft Carriers currently in service around the globe. Made according
to the (10171)OEM's original specifications, many parts are "one-of-a-kind" and are not available from any other source.

In emergency situations, TOOLEX's management and staff is committed to shipping any part that is in
stock within 24 hours. We are constantly updating our inventory with new items so please contact us if
you do not see what you are needing or if you want to verify that a tool will meet your requirements.

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