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Within our facility, we have hundreds of years of combined knowledge and hands on experience pertaining to the manufacturing of Deep Hole Drilling products. Indeed, there is always someone at TOOLEX to field your calls for applications questions. TOOLEX also offers on-site assessments of your equipment and processes and can make recommendations specific to your operation. We feel this helps bridge the gap between manufacturer and end user which is somewhat rare but invaluable.

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Our team of expert machinists, in-depth training program, state of the art equipment, 5-axis programming capabilities and experienced management reflect in the quality of our finished products to meet any requirement. TOOLEX “builds
in” quality to each part. We understand that Quality Control is paramount but more importantly believe Quality is controlled by perfecting every phase of production from initial quotation to final inspection.

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is committed to providing only the highest quality machined components through a program that doesn't merely inspect quality of the parts we manufacture. Instead, quality is "built-in" to each part through each phase of its production from initial quotation to final inspection.

Because everything that goes out our door is 100% qualified, the precision of our parts is unsurpassed. When you have numerous mating components “an accumulation of tolerances” occurs. Therefore, it is mandatory that your tooling is machined to precision.

TOOLEX's future commitment through the 21st century will continue the strict adherence to only the Highest Quality Standards, including ISO Compliance/Certification, on time parts deliveries and continuous improvement. Every employee at TOOLEX is a “competent worker” and accountable for controlling their quality.

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